Merger with the English Democrats

On the 18th Sept. 2015, Veritas merged with the English Democrats and is no longer an active political party.

Those personnel who were not involved in the merger due to differences in policy beliefs would like to thank its members for their support over the years. Those personnel of Veritas that have joined the English Democrats can be followed at http://englishdemocrats.party/

This website remains accessible as a history of Veritas.




We are a party of people who are proud of, and wish to serve, the nations of our United Kingdom – Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We wish to see a world of sovereign nations working co-operatively and creatively together, each proud of its evolving inheritance and well-being. We believe that as we care for the well-being of our nations, so our nations will care for us.

We believe passionately in the concepts of nationhood, freedom and democracy; and judge these ideals to have been compromised in recent years by a ‘political class’ that has become arrogant and contemptuous of public opinion, preferring instead to superimpose its own ‘blueprint for humanity’ on citizens. We believe that the rhetoric, ‘spin’ and bullying of the ‘political class’ needs to be challenged by informed public scrutiny and participation in the decisions taken that affect the condition of our nation.

We feel that we have become spectators to changes in our affairs and circumstances that have received no popular mandate from the people, deceived and lied to by politicians, coerced by intolerance and stigmatisation of dissent and the manipulation by the state and its agencies of thought, feelings and expression – challenging our freedom to exercise personal choice and judgement and our cherished links to our nation’s heritage, sense of identity and values.

Veritas has been founded to provide a rallying point for those for whom nationhood - rooted in a love for the nation’s heritage and cultural milieu, high standards of governance, justice and public administration democratically and meaningfully accountable to the people that they serve, are important. We will speak honestly and plainly, but with dignity and respect.

We invite you to study our Core Values and Beliefs and the policies that we are developing on the foundation they provide. If you like what you see then please join us, or support us, and help us to achieve our aims together.

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