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BNP Leader, Nick Griffin, savaged on Question Time by panellists and TV audience
Therese Muchewicz, Party Leader on 23/10/09

Last night’s Question Time left me feeling disturbed, angry, betrayed and with a bitter taste in my mouth. Having looked forward to what I thought would be a fiery but impartial debate, I was left by the end of the programme, with the feeling that I had witnessed one of the most savage and barbaric verbal attacks on a person by people who were supposed to be respectable, fair-minded and tolerant up-standing members of our society.
What was so distasteful about the whole programme was that the panellists, consisting of Chris Huhne, Liberal Democrat, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, Conservative, Bonnie Greer, writer and academic, and indeed David Dimbleby himself, who all present this middle class veneer of respectability - when confronted by the Leader of a Far- Right Party - transformed into a pack of wolves baying for blood. The veneer of respectability crumbled before our eyes and they became precisely that which they set out to expose.
Last night we didn’t witness open, fair, impartial debate, but a group of men and women from differing racial and religious backgrounds, of high standing and power in society and the political sphere, bent on savaging another human being because of who they believed he was, and what they believed he stands for, whether or not true; not taking the time to listen to what he was trying to say – should he be allowed the courtesy to answer his opponents barrage of questioning.
In essence, it was a display not of reasoned, rational debate on important issues such as immigration, asylum, Islam, population growth, sustainability, jobs, and loss of cultural identity, but prejudice, intolerance, hypocrisy and bigotry of the highest order. Made worse by the fact that it came from a section of our society who are there not just to uphold certain standards and values, but who through their own behaviour, should embrace such standards and values in their own lives; role models to which we should aspire.
The abhorrent behaviour of multitudes of protestors outside the BBC buildings - brought in from all around the country by the Far- Left, Unite Against Fascism – was mirrored on the inside by a panel that had lost the moral argument and portrayed the basest characteristics of human nature. Last night was a display of the middle-class elite’s descent into total depravity.
Yesterday I was defending the BBC in being prepared to maintain standards of fairness, impartiality and independence in broadcasting; yet in hindsight the invitation to Nick Griffin, Leader of the BNP, to appear on the prestigious programme was nothing but a pre-planned attempt by the establishment to ambush him, to make personal attacks on him, and to try and destroy his party.
It should not come as a surprise to anyone that this invitation came on the back of the legal battle being waged by them through the courts; if they cannot destroy the BNP from within, then they will try and do it any way that they can.
Yet, where does the real blame lie in the rise of the BNP? Firmly at the door of politicians from all the mainstream parties who for decades have ignored – and continue to ignore - the genuine concerns of the people of this country. Firmly at the door of the Labour Party who has betrayed and abandoned their own working-class supporters – the very heart and soul of the Labour Movement - in their desire to court the middle class vote.
Strange, but sad, because of what we witnessed on our television screens last night, the so-called victims became the villains and the so-called villain - the victim. Do not be surprised to learn that the BNP is the only party to benefit from last night’s sad, distasteful debacle.

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