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The following is a brief potted history of Veritas from launch in February 2005. We trust you will all enjoy reading this history of Veritas.

The Launch

Veritas was launched on Wednesday the 2nd February 2005 at the Institute of Civil Engineers in Westminster close to the Houses of Parliament, the seat of power for all governments in this country for centuries.

The party was launched amid a wave of publicity and media interest primarily due to its high profile founder and first leader Robert Kilroy-Silk MEP.

A number of ordinary members of the public, the vast majority of whom had no previous political experience or history in political involvement, assisted Robert in launching Veritas and organising the actual launch.

Prior to the party launch Damian Hockney, a London Assembly member, also joined Veritas as Deputy Leader. The launch went very well and it was covered by virtually all the TV and radio stations in the UK together with the vast majority of the political editors from the main tabloids.

From Launch to the General Election

After our launch the party had a very busy period of continuing to organise and recruit members and candidates to run in any elections that occurred. It was a very busy time with much to be done and a very steep learning curve to overcome. However, the upshot was that in the General election held on 5th May 2005 (three months after Veritas was launched) we managed to field over 60 candidates.

This needs to be put into perspective, Veritas managed to field, in three months, more candidates than the Labour Party managed to field in their first two General Elections (despite having two years to prepare for their first election).

We managed this with very little funds, little experience and a complete team of unpaid volunteers. Remarkable is a good word to describe this effort.Veritas did far better in the circumstances than most people believed possible or we had a right to expect.

June - September 2005

Naturally after such a whirlwind start the Party and its members needed a period of rest and reflection. There were many valuable lessons learnt during the General Election campaign and absorbing those takes time.

In the Summer after the General Election Robert Kilroy-Silk decided that he could best fight his anti-EU cause if he was free from the responsibility of trying to establish a new political party in the UK so he handed over the controls to others within the party.

The acting chairman of Veritas took over as acting leader with a promise to hold a leadership election as soon as possible.

October 2005 - October 2006

Veritas has been working hard to establish itself on the UK political scene. In this short period great strides have been made and are continuing.

Amongst those are
Moving Head Office and party administration to a new area.
The election of a Party NEC by Party members
The adoption of a formal Party Constitution
The launch of a new Party website
The Appointment of a Press Officer
The adoption of our set of Core Values
The appointment of key spokesmen to speak on major issues
The appointments of key action committees to formulate policy, recruit members, raise funds and many more vital tasks.
The preparation of policies to be unveiled to the public in the near future.
Overtures to like-minded parties and organisations to seek mutual co-operation in the future.


Veritas is here to stay. Forming and consolidating a political Party in the UK is a very difficult task, however Veritas and its members are happy to rise to the challenge.

We have made great strides and continue to build and grow daily. We intend to take back our country from those who have stolen it from us.

Why not join us? Today!

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