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Jeremy Corbyn's behind-the-scenes team of advisers

Some of the key people who advise the Labour leader are largely unknown to the average voter.

I'm A Celebrity: Pollster's advice for political leaders

Would Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn increase their popularity if they were seen eating animal genitals on TV ?

Westminster week: Climate change, PMQs and Brexit

The Christmas recess might be approaching but that does not mean MPs are taking their foot off the gas just yet.

Voters hopeful of getting good Brexit deal?

Emma Vardy has been to Basingstoke to find our how hopeful people are feeling about the deal.

Momentum trying to oust Labour councillors?

Sources close to Momentum argue they are simply helping to reflect the new make up of the Labour party.

David Davis: 'No deal means we won't be paying the money'

The Brexit secretary says if the UK fails to get a trade deal with the EU, it won't pay its divorce bill.

'Standing for completely different future'

Labour wants a "close and co-operative relationship" with European neighbours when the UK leaves the EU, Jeremy Corbyn says.

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